Tuesday, 12 February 2008


My last post was about one of the sims in the diffuse but nevertheless distinct "Danish archipelago" in Second Life. For this one, we travel a little further South - at least, in RL terms - to take a mad dash around the German Gamesload sim.

Gamesload is an online games distribution / download platform, "powered by T-Online." A toehold in Second Life seems like a logical extension of the company's brand. Their website tells us the sim is "the prime address for entertaining games in Second Life these days. And that's because any game is definitely possible on Gamesload Island. And that goes for gamblers as well as for game developers. On Gamesload Island, you can game play unlimited or even develop your own game at the Gamesload Tower. The Tower is also the place where any other Avatar will be happy to give your latest game a try.Turn your ideas into imaginative games and present them to the community at the Gamesload Tower... The Gamesload jury will select the most beautiful ideas to be turned into games. Afterwards, prims and building space at the Gamesload Tower will be allocated. Have fun joining us and let the games begin!"

This page gives you details on how to enter your game idea for consideration. Unlike other forms of competition in Second Life, I don't see this being done as a way for the company to grab your best ideas and make a mint, while paying you peanuts. I think it really is just a vehicle for getting people engaged with the community the company seeks to foster.

In my mad dash I had little time to do much. There is a (rather slow) automated guide that will take you around the sim, but the main feature is the aforementioned tower. This already has some games pre-installed, while there's also a number of games-related freebies available to you. The sim has been constructed by Torrid Luna and co, at Primforge. I know... I know... I usually have much more to say than this, but I was pushed for time so really did not cover the island thoroughly enough. The games were good tho - give 'em a whirl.

In the meantime, here's some snaps...

Oh... and a final note... my congratulations to Torrid Luna, who tied the virtual knot last Sunday!

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