Sunday, 17 February 2008

metaLIFE's metaHUD

Second Life is full of HUDs*. There are HUDs for improving communications, for looking cool, for managing your environment, for overriding default behaviours... in fact, for just about anything in Second Life. It is entirely possible to have so many HUDs active on your screen that you cannot actually see the 3D world whose use the HUDs are intended to support. The MetaHUD has been a popular beast for some time, but the latest version has just been launched, and it promises even more handy features than its predecessor.

Here is the press release:

Vilnius, Lithuania, EU ( February, 16, 2008) - metaLIFE ( ) is proud to announce the launch of a new generation social networking plaform for Second Life. We have been going towards this goal step by step over the course of the past year.

For the past 2 years we have studied the needs of the everyday Second Life user, also we did an extensive search for possible sollutions to many of the needs. What we found was that there are many existing work-arounds to many issues/problems, but a single interconnected system which could provide solutions to many of the needs did not yet emerge. As a result of our findings we decided to develop a platform capable of scaling, providing solutions to most of basic needs of the everyday Second Life user.

metaLIFE social networking platform utilizes existing concepts while taking an absolutely new technological approach. Also metaLIFE operates in an emerging and growing virtual world - Second Life. Using tools provided by Linden Lab for creating software within Second Life platform, we have develped an in world Social networking platform,with our flagship tool „metaHUD5 - Community“ , which provides it‘s users with a single and convenient platform to :

- Connect with people
- meet people and keep up with them
- stay informed, by checking your friend list recent activities

- Share my Second Life
- share Second Life expereinces with other people ( LifeLoging )
- stay informed - see what my friends are sharing
- post favorite Second Life locations
- Sell your own virtual items

- Enhancing Second Life
- search for Places posted by others( discuss, comment, rate them )
- shop for items listed for sale on metaLIFE ( rate, comment them as well )
- keep track and visit „hot now“ places

metaLIFE‘s goal for releasing this tool was to create a place where virtual world residents could interact and connect with each other, get realtime relevant information, or to put it more simply - a platform where residents could share their Second Life.

* HUD = Heads Up Display

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