Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Perfect is Going a Bit Too Far

I had the curiously unpleasant experience of visiting Perfect Island today. The site, as you may gather from the pictures below, exists to promote the perfectSL HUD (heads Up Display), and ties in with this website.

Part of the island appears to have been hived off for private use, but the rest consists of a number of dancing and relaxation zones - perhaps intended as a good place to try out the HUD. My "unpleasantness" came in the form of the volcano, situated in the centre of the island. Now, OK... I suspect there was something I was supposed to pick up first, but I was cordially invited to drop in to the volcano to see what happened. In the event it seemed to behave like a giant trampoline - I bounced up and out and above the volcano, getting higher each time, until I seem to be summarily ejected, without reason, to the neighbouring sim. A subsequent return to the sim was even less fruitful, as I was catapulted to some ridiculous height. Being neither impressed nor that bothered, I simply TP'd home. I was thinking of not blogging it, but then thought "what the hell."

I did retrieve a notecard, that gave me the following info about the HUD:

The PerfectSL HUD contains a wealth of functions to help you in every aspect of your Second Life. Plus it is FREE!

  • Matchmaker radar and compass, points out avatars around you and their match status (Business, Friendship, Sexual, Relationship and more...)
  • HUD based Vendor lets you search and purchase products from anywhere in SL
  • Multi-language translator lets you communicate in 7 languages
  • Rez totally secure private suites to fit your requirements
  • Customise your walk, fly, sit and much more with built-in AO
  • Get detailed information on any avatar in your radar range
  • Pop up a map to locate a person on your radar
  • Clickable history list of the last 32 places you have visited
  • A handy laser pointer
  • Hug, kiss and dance with people around you
  • Flight assistance to fly high and fast, even in no-fly zones
  • Anti-AFK system
  • Speech bubbles
  • Animation stopper
  • Minimise/maximise
Advanced features (available in the Retail version)
  • Message you when a match arrives at the PerfectSL resort
  • Follow a friend around, even when they are flying
  • Shield yourself from griefers
  • Repel people you dont want close to you
  • Shield smashing kill (No shield can stop this weapon!)
  • Multi-pronged attack to remove an unwanted intruder from your presence
  • Freeze an avatar to the spot
  • Favorites - Record your favorite avi's without cluttering your Friends list
  • Cloaking system
  • Automatic integration with other BlackBox gadgets: Security Orb, Rover
  • Free updates for LIFE
I don't know the upgrade cost - but I thought it might be of interest. It certainly seems to do quite a lot!

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