Friday, 20 July 2007

The Future and Other Weirdness

After my diverting trip to see Dante's Inferno I was at a bit of a loss for ideas on where to go in Second Life. Having missed the Things To Do (henceforth: T2D) group trip to the Q sim, I had a look at the map for the area and settled on the promisingly named "Future" sim.

It is really impossible for me to describe this place. There are stranged buildings and pipeways all over the sim, at all altitudes. I could find no useful information (not that I really tried all that hard) and found the entire place somewhat disorienting... kinda like The Future, then! Perhaps if you are in that neck of the woods you might want to pop in and figure out what the heck it's all about. Anyway, I grabbed a few photos and moved on.

I was thinking of writing up something about the new KPN presence in Second Life, following up on the original post from ace scooper, VeeJay Burns, over at the Mindblizzard blog. However, no sooner had I arrived than I received an invitation to try out the Jello & Caffeinated Hot Tub experience.

I hotfooted it back to New Alville, my little place under the virtual Sun, and met up with a good friend, turned Jello enthusiast. After initial pleasantries, said friend gave me a lemon jello avatar, and then the surrealism started....

I have to say, my caffeinated hot tub does indeed acquire an extra something from the presence of fruit-laden jello! However, it is - as with so much else in (Second) Life - something to be practised in moderation.

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