Tuesday, 17 July 2007

iDanze, uDanze - we all Danze at MeL's New Club

It's a shame you missed this - I was exhausted after dancing for hours (well OK, more like 1 hour - but then I'm ancient) at my Swiss friend MeL Cromulent's new dance club, iDanze, last weekend. Unfortunately, MeL has only just been able to send me the information about it. I suppose that's what comes of spending 28 hours dancing. But hopefully you can avail yourself of the facilities for all your frug-a-go-go needs.

Interesting for me - as a bit of a propellerhead and (so Tish tells me) "spimewrangler" - the club was able to handle over 35 people concurrently, even though it is on a mainland sim. In fact, across the whole launch party they accommodated 300 people. MeL and her partner in this venture, Norgan Torok (who also provides some of the dj'ing), took a professional approach to the launch, and actually carried out 2 pre-launch events to iron out any problems. One of these hosted 25 guests - not a bad load test.

To get the flavour, here's a few pictures.

MeL is on the right in the bottom-right picture.

Here's the actual launch information (albeit a bit late now):
In the land called Craggen [Maw], on old nuclear power station sat idle, its fuel rods burning away with nothing to power. Then along came iDanze, who found this power station and saw the potential to harness it's energy. We are proud to announce 12 DJ's spinning live for 28 hours in this refurbished power plant! This unique club is not to be missed and 28 hours live may just be a new sl record, come and help us set it! Breakbeat/Techno/Electronica by SL's best!

iDanze opening party
friday 13th July (PDT)

6pm - 8pm - STEED Schlesinger

8pm-10pm - 2ndthoughts

10pm - 12pm - mOx Hax

Saturday 14th July

midnight-3am - Infiner Morigi

3am - 6am - Konstrikt Boa

6am - 8am - Norgan Torok

8am - 10am - Doubledown Tandino (Baltimore)

10am - midday - Redrum

midday - 3pm - Frax Dae

3pm - 5pm - Compute Oh
pm - 6pm - Yuzienborn Janus

6-8pm - Altern8 McMillan

8pm - 10pm - Iionic

MeL kindly supplied the pictures as mine, quite frankly, were a bit crap.

BTW - I still have no idea what the heck a "spimewrangler" is. I just hope it's nice.


Team Mascot said...

You are getting a bit slow in your old age..... I'd have thought you'd have googled spimewranglers....


(not that it helps much, but from the descriptions I think it fits you !)

Aleister Kronos said...

What makes you think I didn't Google it? And find that website? It left me none the wiser. :-)