Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tax Advice and Moped Rides

I've not yet availed myself of this but I thought I should pass on the following:

Starting tonight, H&R Block will bring back free tax advice to Second Life. It's a great opportunity to visit with an H&R Block tax professional and get answers to any of your burning tax questions.

Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 6 to 7 pm PST.

If you feel like hanging out and exploring, the H&R Block island just got a makeover. Check it out, pick up a free outfit or even take a spin on an H&R Block Moped. Additional info here:
Oddly perhaps, H&R Block is one the long-standing sites in Second Life I have never got around to writing about. As I recall, in those heady days of youth, when it was easy to spot new sims in Second Life, I was pipped to it by a host of other bloggers - so there was no point in me adding my tuppenceworth*. Now, of course, it's all different, and finding somewhere that's gone virtually unnoticed for months counts as an achievement (in my book). I quite like it that way!

* Any true Brit will be horrified by this definition of "tuppence" - and will probably also get little from the free tax advice on offer, which I assume is only of use among the colonials of the Americas.

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