Monday, 21 January 2008

Belgian Recruitment

Tonight, in a stroke of complete coincidence, I am back again among the industrious folk of Benelux. This time, though, it is Belgium that has caught my eye. I daresay tonight's sim has been around for a while - but it is in a part of the grid that I've not frequented in quite some time. Apologies then, if you already know all about Vacature References - which has been in Second Life since August 2007.

The name is derived from the 2 websites: and, which are the Flemish and French websites respectively for the same recruitment company. They appear to specialise in professional recruitment, and have an impressive list of clients - including Logica CMG, the subject of my last past.

The sim is nicely modelled, with a relatively simple structure. At the North end of island is a large complex of offices and the auditorium. The offices provide information spaces for the company's clients - and can also serve as small meeting or interview rooms. To the East and West you will find lounge areas, with bars and dancing. You can also grab some free clothing, either casual T-shirts or formal black suits. Although it is not a sim that is going set the pulse racing, I think it does its job admirably. The architecture is well thought-out, the design elegant and the implementation well executed.


Marianne said...

Thx for the nice review, Aleister :-)


Marianne - /

Louis Platini said...

Thank you for reviewing the sim. How did you find it?


Aleister Kronos said...

Hi Marianne and Louis.

Louis, you asked how I found the sim. Most of the sims I find by scouring the Second Life map, looking for likely candidates. Usually this means checking out the sim name (eg: initials are often a sign of a corporate sim), or the sim's appearance on the map, in terms of the layout of buildings etc. So while looking randomly around the map, I saw the sim name and thought it might be interesting.

It's a very hit & miss approach - but it does work! :-)

Louis Platini said...

Hi Aleister, what might help you looking for other sims is the application I wrote that detects new sims on the second life grid.
At you find all the sims that were detected the first time a week ago.

Aleister Kronos said...

Louis, that's great! Thanks.