Sunday, 7 September 2008


I dunno... my posts are like Mancunian buses: you wait ages for one, then three come along at once.

While ferreting around the sims near Sick and Dante's Inferno, I noticed a couple with a distinctive and familiar shape:

Mean anything to you? Perhaps this might ring a bell. These sims, constructed by RiversRunRed, once housed Vodafone's presence in Second Life. I wrote about the site in February last year.

But now? Well I can't access them, but as I hope you can see, they are now labelled Innovation Centre. A little digging reveals a Second Life group of that name, created by UK company Second Places. So what gives? A search for Vodafone sims now draws a blank - but instead we appear to have a couple of sims that may have been ceded from one British company to another. I dunno... you tell me what's going on?

Of course, the biggest "news" in all of this is the apparent disappearance of yet another corporate presence from Second Life. Something that Linden Lab may wish to ponder on further.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aleister...

just a quick reminder that Orange Island, the SL community sponsored by European telecommunications group Orange, maintains an ongoing presence (since October 2007) on 3 sims, with a dedicated calendar of events, and a lot of interest for innovation...

We're holding an Innovation Week last week of September on Orange Island. If you want, you'll find more details on our website,


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