Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A Lot of Tips for Second Life Learning

What is it about lists? There's a particular type of person who just loves lists - and it's a type that defies most existing classifications, cutting across most stereotypes. From geeks to go-getting executives, nerdy hobbyists to presidential candidates, the Lure of The List is irresistible. The blogosphere seems particularly prone to this, with posts with names like: '5 thingies that do something or another' ; 'My top 10 rants about any old stuff' or '10 tips for self-regarding bloggers and navel-gazers'. Occasionally, however, you do find a list that actually carries some useful information.

I recently received an email about one such list, and after giving it a quick once-over, I thought I'd bring it to your attention. I admit that the title of the list is somewhat inauspicious. In place of the classic '5' or '10' we get a whole '50'! But if you are already delivering education and training in Second Life, or are planning on doing so, then I would suggest you take a squint at:

The post provides a handy one-stop-shop, bringing together links to a wide range of educational websites, blogs, examples, ideas, articles, resources and tools. If this is an area in which you are involved, or simply interested, then you might find some useful stuff here.


Anonymous said...

See also 101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom.

Hypatia Voom said...

Can you tell me where I can find '10 tips for self-regarding bloggers and navel-gazers'- It would be really useful for my blog! PS have always loved your blog - keep it up!

Aleister Kronos said...

Hi Hypatia
Thanks for the words of encouragement. :-)

I think we will need to search a bit to find that post - but it (or something like it!) is bound to exist... and if not, then it should exist.