Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sera Korea

The speculation regarding the large cluster of Sera Korea sims is finally over. In what seems like only a few weeks, these have been transformed from bare, new sims into a huge welcome area for new Korean residents of Second Life. There is scant information in English (well, what did I expect??!), but I know enough about orientation zones to spot one when I see one - and this one is huge.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I will assume that Sera Korea has been built by (or on behalf of) T-Entertainment, who, as part of Linden Lab's Global Program, are managing the "koreafication" of Second Life. As I said in this post, "Sera" basically translates to "SL" in English.

There is rather too much to cover in one post, so I will focus on just a few points. The size of the site has allowed the builders to spread the orientation across multiple sims, and to provide newcomers with a far more extensive orientation experience. For example, there is a sandbox that covers at least 2 entire sims! After picking up the basics, you can select from a list of flying tours. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I was being told - but presumably the key points of the relevant sims were covered. Many of you may be nodding along (or nodding off) at this point, seeing little to grab your attention. But for the freebie-grabbers, you might want to pay attention at this point. One of the sims is given over to an extensive selection of freebies, so that newcomers can immediately pimp their avatars.

Here is a selection of photos:

I'm just finding my way again with Windlight, so everything looks great to me at the moment! But I am impressed by this build. It delivers a large, Korean-friendly environment and equips its visitors with everything they need to step out into the wider Second Life community.

Here is a slideshow view that you might prefer:

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