Thursday 19 April 2007

Education, Education, Education

With those words from our once-promising (in every sense) leader rattling in my skull, I thought it was about time I got back to the educators in Second Life.

First stop, the brand new island of Woodbury University, also called, by a lucky happenstance, "Woodbury University". The build is only in its infancy, but since I could TP in there I thought it worth a mention. I was particularly taken with the Millennium Falcon - but I don't suppose that will survive to the final stage of the build. "Woodbury University is committed to providing the highest level of professional and liberal arts education." It is in Burbank, California, and has just over 1500 students.

UPDATE 27/04: It looks like I've missed out on a right rollicking roller-coaster of a story since writing this - follow the link to Second Life Herald.

Just to the South is the island of the World Scout Jamboree, an event held in the last week of July and first week of August. This year's event is held at Hylands Park, Chelmsford in the UK - and also in SL apparently. Hmmm... thinks... shouldn't this be on the Teen Grid? Aside from a few tents (natch) nothing much to show as yet - but then they do have 3 months to finish the build. Oh.. and a small campfire for those needing a "Ging-Gang-Gooly".

Next stop: Brunel University, in the UK, has now opened the appropriately-named "Isembard Kingdom" island, in honour of the great engineer after whom the Uni was named. There are a couple of buildings and some landscaping, but the island is far from complete. Most - perhaps all - of it is being built by Robbi Jimenez. Once again, more of this site on a later visit, when there's cool stuff to talk about!

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