Saturday, 3 February 2007

AOL Opens in Second Life

AOL have just opened their island in Second Life: "Aol pointe" - and very impressive it is too. There is a host of activities and freebies to keep the average Second Lifer happy, including free promotional clothing (natch). More interesting though are the Hollywood-style pavement stars. You can add your own (see picture), plus get a free copy to take home to your own little patch of SL. There's also an amusing snapshots suite, where you can adopt a variety of poses against a number of different backdrops. It's up to you then to take your photo.

There's also a skateboard park, where you can try out your (free?) skateboard, and its 6 different animations. There's also streamed video in various places, meeting areas, auditoria and a games room.

Given some of the names of the builders (eg: Endira Udal), this must be the work of those fine folk at Electric Sheep. A nice build - well thought out, and capturing the essence of what AOL are trying to convey (I think!).

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Anonymous said...

You're beaten me to it. Another great find Aleister.