Thursday, 9 October 2008

Terry Pratchett Visits Second Life

First, I want to make it clear that I was not, in fact, at the Terry Pratchett Q&A today in Second Life. As a semi-professional misanthrope, I tend to avoid large crowds in Second Life - they are laggy, confusing and more disorienting than I prefer - and on this occasion, it seems the sim was already heading towards full a good hour before the kick-off. If I was made of sterner stuff, I might have camped out ages in advance, but for one thing I had a bunch of real life chores to do, and for another, Mrs K would have taken a dim view of such behaviour.

Mr Pratchett was inworld to talk about his new book, Nation, and take questions from the avatar crowd. I assumed the transcript would appear eventually, but perhaps such is the power of 2.0 applications that I quickly learned on Twitter that the transcript was already up, and posted on Flickr!

I will leave you to read the full piece for yourselves - but I wanted to lift just a few of the quotes that tickled my funny bone and put them on Slambling:

  • ... I’m not really into all of this YourTube into MyFace kind of stuff!
  • I like the idea of Second Life, because it is a totally human activity. Monkeys wouldn’t be able to join.
  • I actually have a small potato in my coat pocket. In time of hunger a potato is more likely to be more useful than prayer.
  • I’m also a sucker for the kind of books with titles such as “Picky – The History of 500 Years of Snot in Britain
There is also a Nation sim - which I have yet to visit - modelled, I understand, on the tropical island depicted in the book.

PS: Upset at the lack of piccies? Then try this Flickr group.

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