Monday, 16 June 2008

Airship Caravan

I know... I've not been posting much of late. I have a couple of things on the back burner, but I rather fancied telling you about this sim: Airship Caravan. It's been around a while, I gather, and is one of a mini-continent of sims built by Japanese virtual world build company, Metabirds. If you've not toured them before, you will find many of the sims here will reward the curious traveller, but this one has to be my favourite (so far).

It is actually a rental sim, intended for virtual commercial lettings - and at ground level has relatively little going on. A damn big bell seemed to be about it. The fun starts, as you have no doubt already realised, high in the air - on the airship caravan of the title. This is an assemblage of old, rusty, steampunk-y airships, tethered together with walkways. Most of the airships are available for rent - or maybe it's just the space they occupy - provided you follow the sim's zoning rules. I found the best way to view the place was with a "foggy" setting in Windlight. I think it gives a nice, brooding atmosphere to the place. I love the textures here - that's really why I opted to feature the sim. Beyond that, I don't have anything else to say - other than I hope you enjoy my snaps:


Skidz Tweak said...

Now this is sweet, great use of the atmosphere in the pics too. Really looks like its out of a professional game.

Aleister Kronos said...

Thanks. In "plain light" you get a good view of the great textures used here - but I found it lacked ambience. Mixing in some atmospheric effects gives it a much stronger sense of mood. You're right, Skidz - it does then look like a professional game.

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Anonymous said...

An airship caravan - now that's cool! Thank you so much for the tip and the pics.